Map and Transportation

In the following map, all relevant locations of the event and related stations of public transport are marked. Press the buttons to zoom into the cities of Hannover and Hamburg.

Transportation & Route Descriptions

A ticket for public transportation will be provided for you. We will hand it over to you when we pick you up at the airport or the central station, or latest at the check-in at the youth hostel.

Due to a current special offer by the German Government, your ticket is valid all over Germany for the entire month of June and you can use public transportation in the cities as well as almost all regional trains (only the high-speed trains (EC, IC, ICE) are excluded). The perfect opportunity to stay longer in Germany or come back later that month to travel.

In the following, we gathered some recommendations for the routes you might need to go. For additional routes or the departure times, please check a route searching application (e.g. GVH Trip Planner). For the way back to the accommodation at night you should check early enough for public transport options or alternatives since the evening events during the week might end after the close of operations of the public transport. Alternatives can be then to go by taxi (the telephone numbers will be provided to you), to rent a bike or electric scooter, or just walk.

Arrival in Hannover

Arrival at the Airport:

From the train station Hannover Flughafen [Airport] take the S-train to Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) [Central Station],
further with next section.

Arrival at Central Station or Central Bus Station:

There are two different ways to get to the accommodation:

  1. S-Train:
    • Take the (Direction: Haste), (Direction: Haste), (Direction: Hameln or Paderborn Hbf)
      to Hannover Linden/Fischerhof (7min/2 stops).
    • Walk (800m/10min):
      • Leave the platform to the back,
      • Turn to the left at Stammestraße,
      • After 300 m turn to the right and cross the river,
      • After 300m turn to the right again at Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg,
      • After 100m you find the Youth Hostel on the right side.
  1. Tram:
    • or (Direction: Wettbergen) in the underground station in the back of the central station
      to Stadionbrücke (6min/5 stops).
    • Walk (1km/13min):
      • Leave the station to the east in direction to the football stadium,
      • Walk down the street Stadionbrücke for 350 m and cross the river,
      • Turn to the right to Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg,
      • After 500m you find the Youth Hostel on the right side.

Accommodation to university

  • Walk to tram station Stadionbrücke (1km/13min):
    • Leave the Youth hostel to the left and walk 500m along Ferdinand-Wilhelm-Fricke-Weg,
    • turn left to Stadionbrücke and cross the river,
    • after 350m you reach the station.
  • Take the tram (Direction: Altwarmbüchen) or (Direction: Misburg) to Kröpcke (City Center) (5min/4 stops),
    change there to tram (Direction: Garbsen) or (Direction: Stöcken) to Schneiderberg/Wilhelm-Busch-Museum (5min/4 stops).
  • Depending on your destination follow the line in the following image from the station (1) to the Geodetic Institute (2), the Hauptmensa/Main Canteen (3), the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geodetic Sciences (4) or the Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics (5).
  • For the Gala Dinner on Saturday, you already have to leave the tram one stop earlier at Leibniz Universität. From there, walk across the forecourt to the main building of the university.

University to accommodation

  • From tram station Schneiderberg/Wilhelm-Busch-Museum (or from Leibniz Universität on Saturday after the Gala Dinner, or from Königsworther Platz on Saturday after the General Assembly) take the tram (Destination: Roderbruch) or (Destination: Anderten) to Kröpcke (5min/4 stops),
    change there to tram or (Direction: Wettbergen) to Stadionbrücke (5min/4 stops).
  • Walk from the station to the Youth Hostel as already described previously and shown in the second image.

Accommodation to Béi Chéz Heinz (National Evening)

  • Walk to the tram station Stadionbrücke as previously described.
  • Take the tram (Direction: Hauptbahnhof/ZOB) to Goetheplatz (7min/4 stops),
    change there to tram (Direction: Ahlem) to Wunstorfer Straße on the opposite platform (9min/5 stops).
  • Walk to the location (500m/6min):
    • Leave the station to the south and cross Zimmermannstraße,
    • Walk along Friedhofstraße,
    • After 200m turn left into Liepmannstraße,
    • The Béi Chéz Heinz is on the right side.

The last possible start for the described connection at Stadionbrücke is at 8.34 pm. There are also many other options to reach the Béi Chéz Heinz.

Departure from accommodation

To the Central Station

  • Either S-Train from Hannover Linden/Fischerhof:
    • Take the train or (Direction: Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hbf))
      to Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) [Central Station] (10-15min/2 stops). This connection runs only twice per hour.
  • or tram from Stadionbrücke:
    • Take the tram (Direction: Altwarmbüchen) or (Direction: Misburg)
      to Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) [Central Station] (6min/5 stops).

To the Airport:

From Hannover Hauptbahnhof (Hbf) [Central Station] take the S-train to Hannover Flughafen [Airport]. The train departs only once per hour.