The excursion of this years IGSM will go to Hamburg, what a surprise!

Hamburg is one of the three German city states (alongside Berlin and Bremen) and with around 1.84 million residents Germany’s second-largest city. It is also Europe’s largest non-capital city.

View from the terrace at HafenCity University

Some of the most important travel highlights are

  • the Port of Hamburg, located at the Elbe River (nice to know: Hamburg is Europe’s third-largest port after Rotterdam and Antwerp)
  • the River and Lake Alster: in the centre of Hamburg there are two artificial lakes, the Außenalster (English: Outer Alster) and the smaller Binnenalster (English: Inner Alster), both are surrounded by urban spaces
  • the city district St. Pauli containing a world-famous red-light district around the legendary Reeperbahn
  • the city district Speicherstadt (literally: City of Warehouses): it is the largest warehouse district in the world
  • the Jungfernstieg, a promenade and busy boulevard located directly in the city centre and at the Binnenalster
  • the Landungsbrücken (in English often: St. Pauli Piers, St. Pauli Landing Stages or St. Pauli Landing Bridges) being located in the district St. Pauli and the largest pier for passenger traffic of the Port of Hamburg, many harbour boat trips start here. Close by is the old Elbtunnel, a more than hundred years old pedestrian tunnel under the Elbe River
  • the Fischmarkt (in English: Fish Market): originally it takes place on sunday from 5:00 to 9:30 am (during the winter months: 7:00 to 9:30 am); remember, it is always a good idea to eat a bread roll with fish when being in Hamburg

When having our excursion we will certainly visit some of these sights.

View from the “Stintfang” at the “St. Pauli Landungsbrücken”