About IGSM 2022

The 34th International Student Meeting will take place from 6th to 12th June 2022 in Hannover and Hamburg, Germany. All important information regarding the event is gathered on the subpages in this section.

Information regarding COVID-19 with links to our governments and other national institutions is written down here. That page will be kept updated to the latest regulations.

We also provide the Official Regulations of the IGSM 2022.

Additionally, the approved participants can access the List of Participants.

The Map shows the most important locations in Hannover and Hamburg that you will visit and gives information about relevant stations of public transportation.

Further, the Accommodation, the Youth Hostel Hannover, is presented.

Under Schedule you can have a look on the plan for the week, while the subpages provide information on the Presentations and Posters, the Excursion to Hamburg, the Workshops as well as the Cultural Program.